Multi-strategy professionally managed Single-Family Office


Prosperous Alliance Investments (“PAI”) is a professionally managed multi-strategy fund management company which manages the assets of a single-family office. PAI adopts a fundamental, yet flexible and opportunistic approach to maximize portfolio returns. We invest across many asset classes including public and private equities, debt and structured financing (mezzanine, convertible bond, bridge and project financing). We concentrate on investments in Asia, particularly in China and Hong Kong. We also have a strong focus on healthcare and consumer sectors, fully leveraging on the domain expertise, track record and resources of the management team. PAI started operations since 2012 and has offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen (China), and Singapore.

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Prosperous Alliance Investments Limited (“PAI”) is managed by a team of professionals with decades of fund management and direct investment experience. Our team’s wide ranging track record includes pre-IPO, leveraged buy-out, privatization, venture, and controlling stake transactions. Our Chairman is a successful healthcare entrepreneur and investor who founded a PRC pharmaceutical company which was listed on a major Asian stock exchange prior to its takeover led by a Fortune 500 conglomerate.



Controlling stake in a pharmaceutical company listed on SGX, subsequently sold to a Fortune 500 conglomerate.


Pre-IPO investment in a leading global medical device company headquartered in China. Previously listed in NYSE and now listed in China.


Pre-IPO investment in a leading global dental prosthetic device company headquartered in Hong Kong. Now listed on HKEX.


Controlling stake in a drug research & development and CRO company in China, subsequently sold to a leading PRC pharmaceutical conglomerate.


Privatization and pre-IPO investment in a leading coffee and tea distributor in Hong Kong. Now listed on HKEX.

Real Estate

Leveraged buy-out financing for a HK listed real estate company.

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Hong Kong

Rm 417, 4/F., Strand 50, 50 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Tel: +852-82011666
Fax: +852-35850898

Shenzhen, China
Tel : +86-755-83698091
Fax: +86-755-83698092

3 Phillip Street, #09-02 Royal Group Building, Singapore 048693
Tel: +65-96801652

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